Woofcast #435

A brand new show for you and we tackle the subject of suspension modifications, talk a little about the GP and some how manage to even tie in carburetors. In case you missed it last night, MotoringFile got a hold on the GP specs. Very interesting stuff, but nothing that we didn’t already know. Oh, and we do talk about Nathaniel’s very cool helmet, pictured above.

Woofcast 435:

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2 replies on “Woofcast #435”

  1. Listening to your latest podcast. Fantastic as always!

    Just a (hopefully) helpful comment on the suspension portion: The in-car suspension adjustment isn’t THAT much of a foreign concept. It’s not MAJOR adjustment; just damping tweaks for driving comfort.

    I don’t have it setup YET in either of my MINIs (R52S, R60SX) but I do have an electronic controller for the TEIN Comfort Sport coilovers on my Lexus SC300. From their website:

    “The EDFC (Electronic Damping Force Controller) makes it possible for the driver to control the damping force at the touch of a button while in the driverĀfs seat. This is accomplished by controlling stepping motors installed on each shock absorber. Because the damping force can be controlled with such ease, the driver can adjust the suspension to suit all road/track conditions. Thus allowing the driver to fully enjoy the driving experience.”

  2. I rode my CB450 again yesterday and the choke vibrated/bumped partially closed on me again. It didn’t stop the engine, but it did rob me of a LOT of power. In the middle of an overtake, no less. Once I pushed it back closed, the thing made all the power I’d ever need. I’ll be modifying that mechanism tonight!

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