Woofcast #439

Todd and Chad join me to talk about a few things this week underneath the White Roof. Do we talk about the GP, again? Yep. News from MotoringFile.com? Is db’s roof white? Did we end with a great session of Ask Chad? Check! Bonus for you lovers of the long show, we’ve got you covered this week!

We have also been doing some math and have calculated that we will be celebrating Woofcast 500 sometime in January of 2014. We want to have an **epic** party that makes all other WRR celebrations look like a PTA meeting. We are taking submissions for site selection now, so if you think your side of the MINI community can help us celbrate this huge milestone, it’s time to put pixels to screen and send those over to feedback@whiteroofradio.com. This is just beginning, but all submissions will be read on future episodes and **will** determine where we celebrated Woofcast 500!

Woofcast 439:

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2 replies on “Woofcast #439”

  1. You guys, thank you so much for answering all of my newb questions. Incredibly helpful and insightful. I just did my first Mini test drive today, so all of this is greatly appreciated.

    One minor clarification regarding the stereo: I was actually referring to the unit made by a company called Integral Audio. They make an aftermarket unit that’s supposedly custom-fit to the Cooper. http://www.integralaudio.com/index.php/mini/mini-cooper/soundstage-subwoofer-r56.html

    I was just wondering if anyone had heard it in action. But point taken about the base versus HK stereo.

    Again, thanks so much!! Love your show!

    1. We haven’t had a chance to listen to that Integral Audio system. I’m sure it has something to do with the $1499 price ($2300+ with the subwoofer).

      Regardless, you could fill my boot with a 1000 watt amp and as many 18″ subs that would fit pushing ear bleeding levels of SPL, and I would still know exactly when to shift. It’s one of those things that only sounds like an issue until you do it.

      Thanks for listening Alan!

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