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  1. In your Paceman “who’s the target audience” discussions (at least, those made public) I’m surprised no one has brought up the possibility of the Paceman as a direct competitor to the traditional hardtop. Seems like the CM sales numbers show that a bit more cabin space and All4 are important in the U.S. market. These factors, and the improved look over the CM, could draw a lot of shoppers away from the R56. Add the folks waiting on the sidelines for the F56 and there could be a real dip in the graph.

    1. Gary – If the Paceman handled and had the performance of the hardtop/hatch/R56/F56, that’s a very valid perspective. However, I think the Paceman will be a little too heavy and not have enough HP to bring that performance comparison close enough. That being said, MINI could do a lot to change that but I believe the traditional smaller car will still be the flagship of the brand for some time to come. The MINI buying public will ultimately decide the direction of the brand. Like you said, as the Countryman continues to dominate, that platform will continue to evolve and grow.

      Thanks for the comment.

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