Woofcast #441

db, Todd, Gabe and Chad doing what we like to do on Monday night, like we like to do. News from MotoringFile, including an update to the MF JCW Roadster, a few Ask Chad questions and some gas talk. Good times, good times. Round out with some Spinal Tap, and we’ve got ourselves a show!

Follow up with the iPhone 5 with MINI Connected. Todd has actually tested it and lets you know how to get it connected. We have also heard via email that it works with the Apple 30-pin to Lightning adapter. Not 100%, but it works. Listen for details!

Ask Chad tonight about the benefits of an oil catch can and what to do about a blown HK Amp. A good resource for those _lightly used_ parts is car-parts.net. If it’s good enough for Chad, it’s good enough for us!

Details about our venue search for Woofcast #500 will be following shortly! Also, if you are wondering about that crazy looking screen above, details are in the show!

Woofcast 441:

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  1. Was just listening to the show and had some insight I’d like to share about the hk amps. I worked in car audio for 6 years and I’ve seen a lot of factory amps go out. Now I have more experience with non MINI amps but I imagine the same issues can occur with them. In my 2002 MINI Cooper S all of the stock speakers where gone. When I say gone I mean the surrounds of the speakers had completely dry rotted away. The stock speakers in the stock system as well as the HK aren’t the best out there and when the foam of the surround starts to break down the speaker doesn’t move in correct way any more. Normally straight forwards and backwards. What this does is start to change to load on the amp. Most amps are fairly sensitive to this change and that’s where your problems occur. To combat this you can just replace your factory speaks with something very similar but with a rubber surround rather than the foam one. You can also get a 2 way speaker at this point which will help out the sound a bit.

  2. Hi

    I was looking here in the show notes for more info on that cool iPad app in the photo. You mentioned it briefly during the show and there is no additional info here. What’s up with that? Is it a real app? It would be cool to be able to use a Bluetooth OBD reader and display the info on an iPad but I have been able to find apps that support the readers.


    1. The OBDII connector is from GoPoint http://gopointtech.com/ and the app is Dashcommand (in the App Store) from Palmer performance. I bought the OBDII connector for $60 on sale(reg $99). The app cost $49, which is a little pricy considering Torque for Android is only $4.95.I have no complaints about the connector or the app, they both work great. You can also download a free windows app http://www.palmerperformance.com/download/skinxl.exe from Palmer Performance that lets you create or modify your own dashboards and gauges. It’s a little tedious, but if you have the time, you can create your own custom gauges. Paired with an iPhone or a iPad with GPS, you can turn on data logging and capture your speed and g-force data then play it back with some nice color graphics. I mounted my iPad with a Ram mount and a custom pivot bracket that attaches to the down tube (R53) where the factory cup holder mounts. I can pivot the iPad out of the way when I need to access the controls behind the iPad.

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