Woofcast #451

Brand new year, brand new show! Gabe joins Todd, Chad, and I to talk about news from MotoringFile.com followed by a bit of Ask Chad. Just what the new year ordered!

This Thursday, January 10th, is the 2nd Thursday of the month. That means another live episode of White Roof Radio, starting at 9pm CST. We hope you join us! Follow along at Facebook or Twitter to keep up and get the reminders.

Woofcast 451:

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  1. Thanks for the “brilliant” MC Roaster love in this episode. In my case, I went from a flawless ’11 R56 MCS to a ’13 R59 MC Roadster and couldn’t be happier. Reasons?
    1. No tracking or auto-x planned; just the occasional spirited twisties with the local club, and this car is still great fun on the open road.
    2. I realized the amount of time I spent under positive boost pressure in the R56 was a tiny fraction of my total driving time, and I’m finding that I rarely miss the extra horses.
    3. The look of the smooth bonnet on the R59 (front quarter view, no stripes) in combination with JCW trim is the drop-dead sexiest look MINI has to offer (IMHO).
    4. Based on history, I’m betting the simpler N16 engine will be more reliable, longer lasting, and take less care and feeding than the N18, important since I plan on holding on to this car longer.
    4. It’s the first of my three MINIs that my wife loves too, so more quality time together. 😉

  2. Great show as always. Had to comment on the diesel topic. I’ve had 2 Coopers (R53 & 56) and recently traded my ’08 in for a ’13 TDI Jetta 6-sp manual. I’m paying less for diesel than I did for premium (suburban Chgo approx $3.60/gal) and enjoy between 45-50+ mpg and no urea tank. I hear next year’s VW diesels will be even cleaner running. I’m confident MINI can match VW’s diesel success here in the states.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Ron!

      No tank? I was under the impression that Federal standards required urea injection on all diesels, which is why the MINI -D has been delayed so long. Looks like I need to get caught up on this stuff!

      1. Just found this… “Unlike the Mercedes Bluetec system, which injects urea into the exhaust system to convert NOx to nitrogen and water, the Jetta uses a NOx storage catalyst, which holds the emissions in a reservoir until they can be burned off by the engine. In addition, the common rail fuel injection uses piezoelectric fuel injectors, which permits higher injection pressure than a mechanical system. These clean diesel technologies, developed in partnership with Audi and Mercedes Benz, are a breakthrough in terms of neutralizing emissions and filtering out diesel-related particulates.”

      2. The fed don’t mandate a tank at all. They mandate a lack of CO2 emissions. Urea injection is the cheapest, simpliest system out there and is used by a majority of manufacturers with the exception of VW and Honda’s iDTEC system (which isn’t available in the US).

        It’s a stopgap more or less but one that isn’t anymore annoying than changing oil every 10k.

      3. NOx needs to be almost completely removed per the Fed and car makers can use whatever system they like as long as it a.) works and b.) disables the car from operating if the system fails says the guy who spent the last hour studying diesels rules and regulations. If the MINI system uses Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), and that tank goes dry, the car will either become 100% non-operational or, go into limp mode as mandated by the EPA. I would bet that the VW system has a similar safeguard in place should the emissions system become disabled.

        I remember hearing someplace that urea injection was required. The person I heard it from probably meant to say that some type of system to combat NOx was required.

        I now stand corrected. Thanks Gabe!

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