Woofcast #455

After some travel, Todd and I finally manage to get together to talk about MINI stuff for you on a Monday night, like we like to do. Except it was Sunday. Late morning. Whatever.

We talk F56, engines, transmissions and SNL. All good stuff. Also good stuff is Nathaniel’s JCW GP Review, that you certainly don’t want to miss. We’re hoping he’ll talk more about his experience with us next week as we record Woofcast #456 **live** next Thursday at 9pm CST. Join us!

Woofcast 455:

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4 replies on “Woofcast #455”

  1. The auto start stop feature does not function if your climate control requirements are not met. It is intelligent enough to determine if things like climate control temp as well as things such as if its too hot/cold outside then it will not shut down.

    1. Thanks David! I still haven’t driven a car with Auto-Start/Stop so I knew there had to be an exception for hot or cold days when you didn’t want your A/C or heat turning off. If that’s the case, I’m gonna guess that, for me, the Auto-Start/Stop would only function about 10-20 percent of the time where I live. Maybe a little more. 😉

      1. Same, here in Wisconsin we either have insane humidity or extreme cold. So i have the A/C or Heater on full. I am excited about the 2014 JCW (planning on ordering as soon as they open them) i am just worried about price….

  2. Also on the Auto Start, if you are stopped and the engine shuts off the a/c, heat, radio and other accessories still function. If it is an extended stop and the battery can not sustain the computer will start to engine so it does not completely drain the battery. The system will then not shut off the engine again until the computer is sure the battery power is sufficient.

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