Woofcast #456

The Valentines show! Full crew tonight. Nathaniel telling us about Puerto Rico in the GP before being interrupted by Gabe telling us about the upcoming coolness that is the F56 before we let Nathaniel finish about Puerto Rico and the Paceman. And, as pictured above, giant turbos.

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Woofcast 456:

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  1. Hey guys, I am in the market for a new JCW. I wanted to get your guys advice as to if i should get the current generation R56 or if i should wait for the F56 JCW to come out next year sometime. I am currently leaning towards waiting for the next generation so that I can rock the 2.0L but am worried about issues early in the roll-out similar to that of previous gens. I just wanted some opinions from some other MINI enthusiasts. Cheers!

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