Another great live show for you guys and gals this week. Thanks to everyone that joined us live last week during the Google Hangout! We talked news from MotoringFile like we do, a little bit about the car you see above, this awesome brown Datsun and what Gabe is going to drive when the MF Roadster goes back to MINIUSA.

Really, you need to listen to the whole show! When you do, you will find out that we will be picking the Instagram contest winner next week druing Woofcast 460. You are going to want to stick around for that!


+ Chad stars in a Harlem Shake video
+ db has owned his MINI for 10 years
+ define: 5 by 5

Woofcast 459:

Download | WRR @ iTunes | 25.3MB |55:01| Show Notes

7 replies on “Woofcast #459”

  1. Fantastic show, as always.

    I think Gabe should persuade MINI USA or his local favorite dealer to let him borrow a bone stock R56 or R55 for his commuter car until the next long term loaner is available. He could only select no price options. It would be an interesting experiment to live with a MINI in its most basic form. I drive a stripped Pepper White and Black 2010 R56, with just a few cosmetic mods (JCW grill, blackjack scuttles, grill badge, and WRR and MotoringFile stickers), and I love the damn thing.

    1. Love that idea 🙂

      Seriously though I have a soft spot for a totally stripped out MINI. There’s beauty in the simplicity and it would be an awesome back to back comparison after the MF Roadster.

  2. Seems like the timing could be right for the next company car to be a Paceman; perhaps even a JCW. No interest?

    1. Since the last company car was an R60, it makes more sense to wait for the F56. Sadly, it does have to be a year at a time and only Gabe is able to get those cars. Otherwise, a WRR Paceman would be a sweet ride for a year!

      1. Just a thought. Actually, I kinda like the Motoringfile Challenge idea: How far can you go with a $500 beater?

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