Woofcast #469

Let’s jump right in, shall we? Some F56 talk? Check. The Power Steering pump recall? Check. And, some funny warnings that I found for products you probably own? Damn straight check!

A quick note to our affliates that we will be live this coming Thursday, May 30th, shortly after 9:00 PM Central time. I have checked calendars and there is nothing that conflicts at this time. Join us, won’t you? Also, if you are looking for a reason to **finally** follow WRR on Facebook, Todd has started adding to the drinking contest. You can head over any time and join in!

Woofcast 469:

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3 replies on “Woofcast #469”

  1. Just wanted to clarify regarding the F1 vs Nascar comment that F1 has NO electronic aids. The cars turn like they do because of aerodynamics and weight.

    1. BTW the F56 exterior is looking encouraging! a little fat in some parts but it might be still the camouflage. I think the interior center console is fake on the spy shots, there’s no way they will put those rectangular air vents in the middle and round ones on the sides (which do appear on the photos and look to be closer to real design IMO). Also I don’t like that T-shaped 1 series looking “wings”!

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