All the news from MotoringFile to get you guys caught up, including our take on how the F56 is shaping up (spoiler: we are liking it). We get a little sidetracked talking about the Countryman too, as you would expect, but not in the way you would expect. Plus, a little light hearted ribbing about an “award” that the Countryman received.

Moving on to the content portion of the show, we present the ugliest cars of the last 20 years. I recommend listening to this with Google Image search at the ready and possibly a cocktail. It’s good stuff! And if you are interested in my thoughts about the 2013 Ford Fusion, you can read all about it at dbmini.us.

Have a safe Fourth of July gang! Don’t loose any fingers or catch anything on fire that shouldn’t have been on fire in the first place!

Woofcast 473:

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5 replies on “Woofcast #473”

  1. Surprised no early Hyundai models were mentioned or every Saturn except the Sky I also would have included a Daewoo but for the most part a lot of boring GM vehicles they apparently know better than anyone else how to kill a once successful car model.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Nathan!

    Personally, the korean automakers build a car that I don’t mind looking at. The others that we mentioned, especially the Murano Convertible and Fiat 500XL (and all the rest), aren’t that hot. 😀

    1. Korean cars have come a long way but cars like the first gen Tiburon where truly ugly.

  3. A funny thought occurred to me while listening to this show. It’s a combination of Todd’s mentioning how he regularly hears people in the dealer showroom ask if the Countryman comes as a convertible, and the discussion of PT Cruiser and Murano convertibles in the fugly car contest:

    Imagine a Paceman Convertible.

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