Woofcast #48

We’re back from Vegas!

We again start with about the weakest openings ever and the 2nd try was almost worse. Problems with Gabe’s bathroom remodel and math get in the way and Todd still denying getting a GP. We aren’t buying it. Todd is regretting not going to the dragon plus Gabe is ready to be made an offer he can’t refuse. And, there is always Colorado.

Plus, we cover the last 2 weeks of news at Motoringfile:

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Todd did the hard part

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9 replies on “Woofcast #48”

  1. Hi Guys. I’m really having a problem downloading woof#48. Tried repeatedly using iTunes to get it. Even directlly downloading the zip fails withs a timeout. Could you check it out?

  2. I just downloaded the show from the link above no problem. There was a problem with the zipped version link that I have corrected. I was able to download that as well. Odd, very odd.

    Maybe try to resubscribe in iTunes? or try again on the download

  3. I didn’t have any problems with this podcast, but in the past, I deleted the ‘problem podcast’ and then hit the update button in iTunes, this some times fixes the problem.


  4. Oh heck yeah Db!

    I’ve still got an old Apple 8 back home with the dual 5-1/4″ drives. I think dad paid something like $600 extra for that dual drive setup. He also had a modem for that bad boy – used it to dial in to the office mainframe, which blew everybody’s mind back in 1985. I grew up playing Load Runner, Choplifter, and the like. I bet there aren’t too many 20-somethings that know what BRUN means. I went PC with the rest of the world in the ’90s, but came to my senses two years ago when I grabbed my Mac.

    Great podcast as always guys!

  5. IIe?!?! Nice!!!

    My first was a Performa 405 (a re-badged LC II). That baby had 4MB RAM (I maxed it out later at 10), an 80 MB hard drive, and, best of all, a 14.4k modem.

    Good times. I begged for a Macintosh TV (all black, slick!) but I got the pizza box instead.

  6. Actually, after a bit of fact checking…

    My first computer was a IIc Plus. 128K of ram, built in floppy and the spiffy handle in the back. Even had the amber display (no green screen for me).

    It was at school where we were rockin’ the IIe’s and II plus’.

  7. Was that portable computer a Compaq or an Osborne 1? My first computer was an Osborne 1 with 64k ram, 2 90k disk drives and a 5″ b/w 52 column internal monitor and a keyboard that latched to the front. It weighed 26 pounds had a 22lb battery you could buy if you wanted to use it away from civilization!

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