oreoOreos, Ghost Busters and a little Shatner, baby to get us started tonight. Yea, good times.

Of course we talk about MINI stuff for you on a Monday night like we like to do. News from MotoringFile and a few other things you’ll like. And if you are looking for updates on the latest mods to Roxy, they are all right here, and some really cool twin engined MINI goodness here. And, be proud that we do an entire piece about automatic transmissions and behave ourselves. Finally, Chad picked up a new MINI this week. Or, at least, new to him. Now you have to listen, right?

If you are looking to tow with your MINI, don’t forget about our friends MINIdoMore.com. Hitches and everything else you need to pull something behind your MINI! And don’t forget Craven Speed either! They have the coolest gear, all custom fabricated and constructed, just for your MINI! Save 5% by using the coupon code of camber for the rest of the month.

Woofcast 480:

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  1. Listening to this weeks episode it was great hearing Nate talking about prop building communities. There are a considerable amount of them catering to specific TV shows/movies or the largest community http://www.therpf.com/. I’m a GP owner and a member of the http://www.501st.com/ with 5 different Star Wars costumes.

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