Kicking off what will be a lot of F56 coverage this week! We recap NAIAS with Gabe and Todd, giving us the low down on the New MINI and what we can expect in the future. We don’t really talk about Justin Beiber, but we do talk about MINIUSA executives, which is always a good time.

Reminder; Woofcast 500 LIVE is less than a month away! We will all be in Phoenix where the sky is blue, the sun is warm and the ground is snow free. Would be awesome if you could join us!

Woofcast 497:

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5 replies on “Woofcast #497”

  1. Definitely not MINIcurious here 🙂 Lots of “à la” in this episode. What’s up with that!?

      1. From what I understand it’s borrowed in English from the French to mean “in a given style” or “like”. Gabe and Todd used it a couple of times in this episode. I just thought it was funny. Probably picked my ear more than anyone else because I speak French.

      2. Right. So, I know what a la means, I just didn’t remember them using it during the show. I will have to listen again.

      3. Here you go 🙂

        32:08 – Todd “I think they should have added some flares a la 1M”

        33:44 – Todd – “What are they gonna do to disqualifies these guys a la Monte Carlo”

        53:01 – Gabe – “It would be a convertible hard-top a la Z4”

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