Woofcast #5

Gabe joined us today and we talked about –
-Todd on a club event Saturday, complete with live audio
-We need Racoon tail antenna toppers
-News and how silly the JCW sound kit is for the Cooper
-Moose vs. Smart Car = Bad
-Dibbs MINI looks like a shoe
-Todd really likes Missouri wine
-Vanity mods – which do you gotta have?
-Next weeks guest
-Can you believe – Todd didn’t mention strips or exterior graphics?
-Gabe has a top 5 list with 6 items.

Woofcast 5:

For those vanity mods, be sure to check out Moss Mini, Mini Mania, your local dealer or Classic MINI.
Todd did the hard part


8 replies on “Woofcast #5”

  1. Enjoying the show. Nice to know that there is a good club in StL. We always entertain the thought of moving back there one day. And I wouldnt want to go somewhere without a good MINI commmunity.


  2. Talking of people getting into the MINI, when I was picking up my new one this weekend, a couple were trading in their Infinity SUV for a Cooper. My MA said it was a $50k trade-in! Looked like they were just people with money to burn but thats still quite a difference in vehicle.

    I had lots of problems with my ’02 window motor. It wouldn’t work at all in the summertime at home (avg temp 115F) but if I came over to San Diego it would work. I did get a new motor one time, though.

  3. Given the uproarious string of discussion that erupted on MotoringFile over the JCW Sound Kit, your very diplomatic lack of elaborated discussion over the kit was entertaining. Very “don’t go there” but the under-currents of your collective deeper opinions were palpable below the surface. I got a kick out of that.

    Have you guys thought about having a call-in section of the podcast? It’d also be neat to try to get Click and Clack to migrate over from NPR for an episode if you could get them. Get their MINI perspectives.

  4. The thought about doing a call-in has crossed our mind. We are still working out the technical details.

    Next best thing is you can IM us while we are recording using AIM or iChat to the AOL nick WhiteRoofRadio.

    Thanks for the comments!

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