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In 21 days time, Todd, Chad and Nathaniel will be meeting me in Phoenix, Arizona to record the 500th episode of The World Famous White Roof Radio! We will be recording the show live in front of a studio shop audience at Eurotechs in Tempe Arizona. You read correctly, in front of an audience. That means you are invited!

On **Saturday, February 22nd**, we invite you to join us. Todd will be installing Graphics in the morning-ish and we’ll be hanging out at the shop. We’ll get started at 6:00p, start the show at 7:00p and will run ’til we’re done (about 9:00). After party starts shortly thereafter and should be pretty awesome!

We are hoping you join us! If you need a place to stay, check out Country Inn and Suites, which is the host hotel for the upcoming South West MINI Fest. Rates are reasonable and it’s close to the shop. If you are flying in to take a weekend away from the cold, all airlines fly into PHX with Southwest and US Air usually providing the best rates.

If you do think you’ll make it, a quick RSVP on our Facebook page would be appreciated. We want to make sure we have enough room for everyone! Also, if you are wanting Todd to install graphics on your MINI, leave a note in the comments. As of this writing he still had a slot or two left!

For those of you that can’t make it, we’ll have you covered! We will be live streaming the show right here via Google Hangouts! Trust us when we say it’s better in person if you can make it!

We are all really excited for this and can’t wait! It’s going to be a great year for White Roof Radio. 500th episode this month, MTTS this summer, during which we will enter our **10th year** of the show!

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