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  1. The topics of this show are very timely for a number of reasons. The pothole apocalypse have ruined our roads in the northeast. This is especially bad this winter and it has been preventing me from visiting close friends in New York City. This week Apple released CarPlay and while it will take some time for it to become a mature product, it is obviously a major step in the right direction. The question is, when will BMW/MINI integrate it into their cars. The response is likely not anytime soon. They probably think that offering this options to customers is win-loose situation for them but I would argue to the contrary. My two cents is that people would tend to spend extra money to get a large screen option which would let them have iOS or Android. As I pointed out a while back with this question on Quora (http://qr.ae/t3lmy) it is no longer the job of car companies to offer infotainment systems. Technological innovations happen way too fast compared to car life cycles for auto manufacturers to keep up. Also, why in the name of God does BMW/MINI force customer to get the full audio/nav system for Bluetooth audio streaming to be available? This is total nonsense. For the next week of slow news, it’d be cool to have an episode dedicated to tech in cars. Obviously we wouldn’t want it to transform into a ShuttleCast 😉 Good show as always.

    1. Thanks Alexandre! The day I posted this there was a ton of car infotainment news. Then, this morning, there was this nugget I found at BGR talking about how the Apple in-car stuff is actually QNX, which is what the last version of the Blackberry operating system is based on.


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