WRR Shout-outs (go PHILLY!) and weather before we are surprised by a visit from Gabe. He asked us to him spec the next MotoringFile company car; the F56. Sure it will be fully loaded, BRG with a white roof (we hope) and, I hope you are sitting down, it might be a Cooper. Oh, and we do talk about more than the spec of the next company car. Join us!

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3 replies on “Woofcast #503”

  1. Only my 2nd WRR, but plenty of things to think about. My current DD is the proverbial auto journo special: E46 Touring, RWD, MT, sport, manual cloth seats. I’m pretty torn between the F55 (too small?) and 54 (too big?). I was originally set on a F31 diesel, but it landed in the US with AT/AWD only, so be careful what we wish for in a US Cooper D.

    As for 3cyl market perception, BMWNA swore off 4cyl in 99 for marketing reasons, yet 13yrs later, they’re selling 4-pots in the 5er, so…

    1. Thanks KO and welcome to the club! Appreciate you checking us out!

      While I wish for a Cooper D, I’m still not convinced that we will ever get it in the states and/or if we do get it, it will be in a form that doesn’t interest me like an All4 Countryman.

      You sound like a BMW guy. Have you checked out

  2. I probably sound like a broken record but I really enjoy full gang shows. In any case, I agree with all of you in regards to the Cooper being the more interesting car but for a year-long review I would go Cooper S. Sorry db 😉 The NEED for power (and burbles) is too great!

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