After a failed attempt at a live show, can you believe Skype was able to save the day? Oh boy did it! Todd, Chad and I still managed to mope our way through a show for you, talkin’ about MINI stuff, like we like to do. Tons of news from MotoringFile.com tonight, Todd took an F56 apart with his teeth and we were joined by Mr. Gabe Bridger. We even talked quite a bit about the issues with the F56 Cooper and what MINIUSA is doing about it.

Stick around for next week. I’ve finally had the chance to check out the F56 (look, not drive) and you know we’ll be talking more about it!

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2 replies on “Woofcast #506”

  1. I’ll be curious to hear what you think on next week’s show, db. I own an R56 Cooper, and I really did not care for the looks of the Cooper S in the pictures that I have seen so far. I finally got to see a Cooper and a Cooper S today when I went to pick up a part. The Cooper S was in Thunder Gray. I was really surprised at how much better it looks in person, despite the longer front overhang and all the stuff that looks tacked on in the pictures. The leatherette/cloth in black pearl was very nice. I was worried about the F56, but not any more. If I were in the market for a new car, it would be between the F56 (probably the Cooper over the Cooper S) or the BRZ (if I fit–I’m 6’7″).

    1. I have to agree that it looks better in the darker colors. I also think the bumper looks better body colored (I have some photo shop samples I’ll share soon). I am in the market for a new car, but still, gonna wait this one out. Can’t say I appreciate the issues with the Cooper before the car is ever out of the gate. Sure, it’s not MINIs fault, but still.

      18 – 24 months I think this car will be ready.

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