MTTS excitement is really starting to set in. Todd and I are booked the whole way and are getting excited about driving an F56 from San Fransisco to Boston. We also speculate about what MINIs we might see during the event, and dream about riding on a trailer. Finally, get your MTTS Decals and badges over at page 10 of motoringbadges.com, including the limited edition badge while supplies last.

From there, news from MotoringFile.com. We talk about the new JCW body kit and MINI Sales and the 5 door and I rant, slightly, about automotive journalist writing styles. Comments are open, let us know your thoughts about anything we talked about!

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  1. As you requested to answer what are cars were my wife considering .She had a Madza 7 that was 3 1/2 years old. We drove the replacement a Madza 5 .She ended up with all 4 Countryman 2014 true blue and of course white roof.We are now a two Mini family.See you all in SF.

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