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5 replies on “Woofcast #521”

  1. Just listening to the auto stop / stalling discussion. All 3 of my MINIs have behaved the way Todd described. 2009 Cooper D, 2008 Cooper S Clubman and my current 2013 JCW Coupe all restarted from a stall by depressing the clutch again.

    What’s worrying I guess is that I’ve done it in all 3!

  2. Phil – This makes no sense to me – especially if one were learning to drive a manual transmission. The MINI techs still don’t believe the cars do this. More research on my end is necessary. Stay tuned…

    1. Agreed, especially if learning it could teach bad habits, but it’s a great get out of jail free card. The stop start icon does appear on the rev counter when it happens. I do remember that in the diesel, when it happened sometimes on restart the stop start failure warning would come on and I had to use the start button to restart anyway.

  3. Living in Germany I have had the chance to drive manual transmission vehicles from multiple manufactures, and all of them that had auto start/stop would restart after a stall. I found this extremely helpful when stalling at traffic circles. I wish I could get auto start/stop added to my ‘11 US Spec R57S, it is amazing in my book! It is amazing how far the US market is behind in this technology, just like diesel driven cars.

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