Gabe joins us this week and start with a little Shuttle Cast. Note to the affiliates, we do go long. Once we finish talking tech, of course we go right into news from MotoringFile, including the new configurator and the 5 Door 4 Door Hardtop and the F56 engine revisions. Another great show, you should listen!

Want some cool looking mirror caps? Have you seen this over at Outmotoring? Pretty awesome, and if you have already signed up for the email newsletter, you should have a nice 5% discount sitting in your inbox! Something else to check out is the new Official WRR Store! Cool stuff to be sure. And you should also check out the MINI Smartphone Mount Pro Series over at Cravenspeed.com. I can’t live without in my MINI and think you would really like it too.

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4 replies on “Woofcast #523”

  1. To go back on the topic of last episode about the car starting back up when the clutch is depressed when currently stalled, I agree with the statement that it goes back to the Ready state, you didn’t turn the car off, it wasn’t a deliberate act to stall it, nor should it ever be in any situation.

    So starting the car back again is anyway the next action you have to do when you stall it, having the car take care of that and letting you try again right away is a blessing in loaded traffic, not that i ever do that… automatic FTW.

    Can’t wait to try out the revised programming of the auto transmission in the f56!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Pascal. Of course, the best way to avoid this is with an auto! And the new programming is pretty awesome. I actually enjoyed driving it!

    • 20% of the show on iPhone/iWatch? Really?
    • Early hydrogen BMWs burned hydrogen; no fuel cells. We have hydrogen fillup where I work, and there are Toyotas, Hondas, MBs and now Hyundais but no BMWs yet.
    • No CD player kinda sucks. I don’t rip all my music, and sometimes no matter what certain CDs sound like ass ripped.
    • Room for urea tank may be bunk, since, in euro spec at least, all diesels have 44l tanks, and only Cooper and One have 40l (3 and 5dr).
  2. KO is correct, the 7-series BMW hydrogen cars were internal combustion engine cars that could burn hydrogen (and they had a gasoline mode as well), they weren’t electric fuel-cell vehicles. The energy density of hydrogen is much lower than that of gasoline so the hydrogen tank has to be very large. Hydrogen is mostly produced from fossil fuels. Unless renewable energy resources are used to produce hydrogen by electrolysis, it’s not really very “green”.

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