We snuck a live show in last week, testing to make sure everything still works. Will be doing it again for Woofcast #527, so watch out for that. We cover news from MotoringFile.com, like we like to do, and answer an Ask Chad question. If you have a question for the good reverend, head over to the contact form and send it over. The askchad@ inbox has been disabled temporarily but will be back in about a week.

Also, we are looking at possibly adding another show; The Shuttle Cast. Not in the WRR feed, not part of the Woofcast, but it’s actual own show, maybe twice a month. We would talk about things that aren’t MINI related like tech, entertainment, food and other miscellaneous nerdery. If this is something you think you would like, leave us a note below. Otherwise, we do have some cool things coming up! Make sure to stay subscribed so you don’t miss any of it!

Looking for a spare tire for your MINI Cooper S? Have an F56? Find them here. DetroitTuned has you covered!

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6 replies on “Woofcast #525:”

  1. -Have you guys checked Fuelly for real-world F56/R56/R53 mileage comparisons?

    -You mentioned the Glympse app…would you consider doing a show on what Motoring folks use for group drives to most? Some use the Mini Motoring App, some use Garmin GPS and share files, some just link to a Google Map and rely on the route leader (I use routeyou.com then DL the GPX file to OsmAnd~ app on my Android for turn-by-turn directions)


    1. I did have a look at the fuelly numbers and they are close to what we’ve seen on MTTS for the F56S. Todd can confirm in regards to the F56 Cooper. All in all it is still disappointing.

      I’m sure not we would dedicate an entire show to driving apps but a segment definitely. Just bear in mind that we are all using iOS, except for Chad. So i’m not sure how useful our comments would be for Android users if our apps don’t exist on this side 🙂

      Thanks for your feedback! Really appreciate it!

  2. I’m up for a ShuttleCast if y’all are up to record one (It might even pique the interest of one Gabe Bridger, lol).

    Oh, and I love the seat heaters in my R53 but the 3-Stage heaters in my 1M don’t go above stage 2 or else… well, have you ever smelled smoldering leather??? :-/

  3. i3s range is over 80miles on electric only. I test drove one for 2.5hrs in mixed freeway and back country roads. I started with full charge (85mile range) and came back with a bit less than 10miles. I only drove 50miles but they were at higher speeds and spirited accelerations.

    As for the AC killing the range, yes it does but not as much as the heater! Simply turning on the heater will lower your estimated range by ~20miles (i wasn’t paying attention). AC would only lower it by 10 or less.

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