Tonight we interview James Stanton, Partner Product Manager at Glympse, the app that allows you to let people know where you are. It was a great interview and gives us all of the information about upcoming features, other partners and some really unique ways the app has been used. You can find it in your app store of choice for Windows Mobile, Android and iOS. We are fans and think you would like it too.

Also, tonights episode was edited. We were going to talk about MPG of the F56, but we are holding off on that, for now, waiting for some more information and clarification from MINI and/or MINIUSA.

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3 replies on “Woofcast #526”

  1. An open letter to the “guys”…
    So much for a bunch of guys sitting around talking about mini’s, just talking BS….with some good info added in…
    NOW you are fearful of getting almighty BMW/MINI mad….
    And you will not post what folks have been saying for weeks…fear of getting mini mad?
    For years I thought you were less corrupt that motoringfile…the us PR dept of MINI….
    Now we can see that in exchange for a free ride in a new car and a vacation, you largely sold out.
    Loved the commercial… Like late night cable TV!!

    1. An Open Reply to “Zippynh”, by db.

      Dear Zippynh,

      We are not, as you say, fearful of getting MINI mad at us. There have been plenty of times in the last almost 10 years that were way worse that the words we said on the part of the show that you don’t get to hear. I guarantee you that you would have been way more butt-hurt after listening to that part of the show because most of the information we had was extremely incorrect. Like a post on NAM calling us dumb incorrect. So, essentially, you would have been upset, no matter what. For that I’m sorry.

      It’s sad for me to think that you believe the words that you typed on my website. We’ve never held back. We aren’t MotoringFile, having to make sure we play nice with BMW/MINI to get our trips to Puerto Rico and year long loaner cars and invitations to other things that White Roof Radio doesn’t get. Sure, we get to go to MTTS and MINI United, but we are working during those events, so I see the trip as pay for services rendered. Still, it’s not going to keep us from holding back when MINI is wrong. None of us. Well, except Gabe (see above).

      So, trust me when I tell you that the reason isn’t because we are afraid of losing perks. We were wrong, and we don’t want to be wrong, especially on the internet that has a site like MotoringFile and NAM that still allows comments.

      Thanks for the feedback and thanks for listening.



  2. Thanks for the clarification…very reasonable…
    It can sometimes be hard not to get cynical when dealing looking at sites that have car related news….sometimes discussion seem to become PR talking points and “directed discussions”.
    If you are sure you guys were wrong and wanted to end a fight before it started about wrong info, so be it..your show, your baby, your choice. Guess just took it remark about the edit as a sign of you guys being overly cautious in trying to not “bit the hand that feeds you”. Your statement makes me feel a bit better about still trusting you in the future.
    Please keep up the good work…guys just hanging out talking about MINI’s I feel should not be held to the same ” news” standards of correctness outside of the news segments… You give your take on how you perceive what you have heard, your opinion and feelings…can’t ask for anything more or less.
    Thank you for being honest and frank! Keep up the good work, and I’ll owe you a beer for any heartburn I caused you!
    Feel free to remove the above coments if you wish.

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