Guys, it’s the last show of 2014 and oh boy! I think you are really going to like this. Todd, Chad, Alex and I are joined by Patrick George (@bypatrickgeorge), Senior Writer at Jalopnik and an actual lover of the MINI Cooper. He’s with us for the entire show and we had a great time having him with us. Really a great way to end the year!

News from MotoringFile, a quick interview with Patrick and Alex asks for a promotion. All of that and more in this weeks show. You don’t want to miss it! **Programming Note:** We _might_ do a Google Plus hangout on Christmas day. Keep an eye out on Facebook/Twitter for details if it happens.

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  1. I noticed there was some complaints about the rev matching feature in the F56… It actually CAN be turned off if you switch DSC off.

  2. From my tests, turning DSC off does not turn off the rev matching in the manual F56 Cooper. Was also told by multiple people inside MINI that it cannot be turned off. Going to delve into it further. Stay tuned!

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