Woofcast 546: Favorite Thing To Do With My Clothes On


First, thanks to all of our Philly MINI peeps for returning the boys safely to their respective homes. Very glad a good time was had by all and Todd was able to work his magic, including this fine [roof graphic](https://scontent-1.22773.fna.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xpa1/v/t1.0-9/11079629_10152654607660213_4939700531629943483_n.jpg?oh=f2aaff14ef18623d1b1d4ba36fa89366&oe=55B4237B). After more Philly love, and a shout out to our man Big Jack for for helping to support the show, we do move into news of the week from [MotoringFile](http://www.motoringfile.com). Oh, you know you want to [nerd out about the Mackinac Bridge](http://www.mackinacbridge.org/about-the-bridge-8/). Go ahead, we won’t tell.

For those of you that play the home game, you already know about db’s new bike. But in talking about that, it got us to talking about hauling stuff with your MINI on the roof. Looking for the R56 rack? Click the image above. Looking for other options, [MINIdoMore](http://www.mnidomore.com/) has your covered!

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