Todd drives a VW GTI in Las Vegas. And likes it! We talk about that for quite a bit before going to news from MotoringFile. Played with a new way of sharing the show live for you guys, watch for us to do that way more often!

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5 replies on “Woofcast 547: Travel Like a Wad of Cash to the Safe”

  1. Wow, astonished to hear the GTi conversation. Definitely a car I’d consider next year to replace the JCW Coupé, but it’s coming out at £38,000! Which is about £8,000 ($12,000?) more than a JCW F56 so its ruling itself out on that front at the moment!

  2. Great show guys! Nice to listen to an honest review of the GTI from dudes who are obviously biased towards MINIs. It is a very good car. I’ve wanted a JCW since 2009 and when I finally pulled the trigger for a 2015, the dealership went and totally made the buying experience horrible. Long story short, I have my deposit paid on a 2016 Golf R which costs a little over $1k more than the JCW I had ordered. The difference is that you get so so much more with the Golf R for the same price (including Carplay!). Its hard for the JCW to compete. The JCW will be a sweet ride though. Maybe I’ll own both someday. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks KS! You’ll have to report on the Golf R. I’m very interested in that car for my potential next ride.

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