Bringing you the Triple 5 this week, talking about a good interview with [David Duncan](, the new [MINI logo]( (top right of the page), the upcoming [2016 model year changes]( and Alex’s [petition to save the rear fogs in the US]( And the new Clubman! And [the Rendezvous video](, if you haven’t seen it before.

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One reply on “Woofcast #555: We Have a Petition for That”

  1. To DB’s comment re: rear fogs. My 2010 Clubman JCW was purchased off the lot, and had rear fogs. My 2015 Cooper S has ’em only because I configured it as such.

    I do wonder though, if the rear fog is there on all F55/56s but requires a switch – and possibly coding – to activate. My X1 wasn’t equipped with rear fog ‘option’ per se but all it took was either a new switch, or a few minutes with a knife blade to enable them.

    Side note: We have the ‘pedestrian pillow’ on the F56/55’s because of European safety standards and regulations, right? Yet we remove the rear fog which I believe is also a European regulation type thing. Okay then.

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