Woofcast #56

We get caught up on listener voicemails and emails, news of the week and db gets new equipment.

Gabe wants to see a decal or badge on the Death Star. Anyone with proper photoshop skillz want to give that a go?

Be sure the check out the new Morgan Aero 8. Has a BMW 6 Series engine and MINI Cooper Xenon headlights. Click that link and you’ll be taken to a page with the pdf. Thanks for pointing this out Robert!

Help sponsor Randy Webb race the next two races. Check this NAM thread for details. In case you missed them, we interviewed Randy on Woofcast #9, Woofcast 32 (part 1) and Woofcast 33 (part II).

Keep sending in those submissions for the contest! We are looking for songs about the MINI! Originals or karaoke style. Cool prizes from Outmotoring:

  • 1st place – Outmotoring Armrest
  • 2nd place – Outmotoring $50 gift certificate
  • 3rd place – Cool hat and valve stem covers

We already have a few on deck! Listen up for those next week.

Todd did the hard part

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  1. OK going for a record now. You mention me taking my trailer to the dragon and a listener call from a Nebraskan.
    Nathaniel drop me a line at james.w.petersen at us.army.mil You guys are doing an incredible job.
    Keep up the great work.

  2. Let’s see a show of hands. How many people yelled “what?!” at their iPod/computer/radio when Todd said he would never buy a MINI out of state?

    At the point I reached 206-33-WH, ready to call him out, he “remembered” he is planning to pick up his new GP in California 🙂

    I live near Detroit and bought my 2004 MCS in Chicago…not because the price was better, but because I could get my car in 3 months instead of 5. I ended up taking Michigan Ave. from Northwest Indiana all the way to Ann Arbor. It took FOREVER, but it was a great first drive in my new car.

  3. I’m only getting the Aero 8 file when I use i-tunes. I had to manually download the #56 podcast and drag it on to the playlist.

    Am I doing something wrong?

  4. You aren’t doing anything wrong. The feed picked up the pdf last night. It has been corrected, but you might have to re-subscribe to fix the problem.

    I really didn’t think it would grab the pdf. Sorry for the confusion.

  5. See, I tried to photoshop in a WRR badge on the Deathstar, but I was having issues… The scale was all off, Todd doesn’t have a printer big enough to produce a moon sized badge… I stuck on one there, but you’ll have to look really closely to find it… It’s over by the exhaust port in section 31C, you’ll need to go down a long canyon, be careful of the turbo laser turrets, and you’ll find it to the right of the exhaust port. A skilled snub fighter pilot should be able to make it through as it won’t be much more difficult that shooting womp rats in beggars canyon. 😉

  6. And don’t forget that it’s magnetically shielded, so you’ll have to use your photon torpedoes.


  7. Will do, James. I’ll drop you a line this evening.

    Great show guys, though I feel a confession is in order. I thought it was common knowledge, but apparently not.

    “Forgive me father, I don’t have my MINI yet either.”

    Right now I’m tearing around Lincoln in an Acura Integra sedan. I love it, but it’s no MINI.

    Like Gabe, I’m in branding as well (graphic designer / web developer), and the MINI branding is actually what first attracted me to the car. I started catching print ads and brochures and little bits here and there back in 2003 and then began collecting them because they were so damn interesting. I had a pile of cool collateral stuff and other found MINI items and that’s what compelled me to finally stop by Baron in KC and test drive an MCS in 2004. Of course then I was hooked! I simply had to have one. So I asked lots of questions, researched the car online, and that’s how I found MINI2, NAM, and finally MotoringFile. Meanwhile, I went back a few months later and the fine folks at Baron turned me loose with an ’05 MCS for a solo, hour-long testdrive. Fabulous – an asphault love affair.

    So at this point I’m just waiting for my job situation to settle down (hopefully resolved this week, actually) and then I’m putting my money down. (DS/S MCS, Premium, Sport, Cold, leather/red cloth, Anthricite – GORGEOUS!) The trick is getting settled and ordered before it’s too late to nab an ’06. I’m no fan of the new powerplant and other aspects of the new car, so I want to nab my baby while I still can.

    But my own “conversion” is my principle interest in the brand, and why a “brand show” would be so great for me. I loved the car first because of the brand, not the other way around. As a designer, my fascination became “Why am I such a willing participant in this? These people are trying to sell me something, and I couldn’t be happier about it.” I’m curious what everybody else’s experience has been.

    Keep it up guys. You rock!

  8. Let’s see a show of hands. How many people yelled “what?!” at their iPod/computer/radio when Todd said he would never buy a MINI out of state?

    You’ll notice that I took it all back about two minutes after I said it. : )

  9. I just heard a non MINI owner talk about ordering out of state. I Did this with my MINI. I have a thread on Motoringunderground.com. That is all about my 7 month wait, the day I flew out and my first day and experience with the Dealer… I ordered out of Cali. After looking at a few socal dealers, I decided to go out of state. I got my MINI out of Portland OR, it was the best thing ever!! The count down till the day I flew out there e was the best! My MA at the RASMUSSEN MINI was the best! I can’t say enough great things about my buying experience.

    The drive back was super fun! I can’t stop driving it still. I wish it was a longer drive. My MINI is only a week old and I can recommend ordering it out of state.

    Here’s my Waiting Diary:

  10. Great show. Just for the record, regarding somewhere around the 25 minute point – “Put the Needle on the Record” comes from “Pump Up The Volume” and was performed by M/A/R/R/S, not Rob Base, originator of “It Takes Two”.

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