Back to normal, finally! We have your news from MotoringFile, another Ask Chad Question and db rants about hipsters! You guys are in for a real treat. Be sure to stick around after the clicking sound if you want to listen to a little Shuttle Cast. If you don’t, no harm, no foul, you can stop at the clicking sound as usual.

Also, be sure to take a minute and check out the sponsors []( and [Craven Speed]( for anything and everything you need for you MINI. Be sure to add [Detroit Tuned]( to that list too!

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2 replies on “Woofcast #565: Jesus Wore It Long”

  1. One word of caution on iPhone 6Plus. It does not fit in the armrest as designed with any case beyond a simple “bumper”.

    1. Thanks for that Darren! I wouldn’t expect that giant phone to fit in the arm rest. It will fit in the XXL Flexpod adapter from Craven Speed though!

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