* News from MotoringFile? Check.
* Ask Chad? Check.
* Awesome iPhone talk? Check.

Plus, Todd schools us on the electric seats and how big of a rip-off they really are. No, really, listen. A quick update about [my MINI](http://dbmini.us/what-a-difference-air-makes/) and the MPG. Hint; it’s getting better. And Chad lays down the knowledge during Ask Chad. If you are looking for those parts (as seen above) you can get them at the following links.

* [Hood Scoop Heat Shield](http://www.detroittuned.com/mini-cooper-s-hood-scoop-heat-shield/)
* [Hoop Scoop](http://www.detroittuned.com/mini-gen-2-hood-scoop/)

I’m also asking around to make sure all y’all are getting the show ok, no matter where you get it. If you have trouble, please be sure to let us know in the show notes, via email or via [the contract form](http://www.whiteroofradio.com/contact/). Thanks!

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One reply on “Woofcast #568: This is The Show Right Now?”

  1. I don’t know if this will be the end of VW, but it should be. 18 billion in fines. The lie is clear consumer fraud, which entails 3x damages in some states in the US. What would the amount of damages be? Something between the cost of the car and the cost of repairs/urea injection systems. If any states pull the cars from the road, add that consumer cost to the damages x3.

    So basically the US has VW by the balls. They may decide to let them off lightly, but they could clearly be put out of biz if it was desired. Anything between fines and damages to dissolution of the company is possible here. US nationalizing VW? Selling off all the VW IP to its competitors? I’m sure Fiat would not mind buying all the Porsche secrets, not that they would use them in Ferraris, but they may find it useful for Maserati. I’m sure the American car companies would be happy to buy up VW’s american plants for a song. Or maybe Tesla wants a cheap new plant. VW could dry up and blow away with the wind with hardly a notice.

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