Woofcast #57

The gas and dash show

Gabe gets the JCW Leather Dash and actually used a saw getting his old dash out. We are still waiting for pictures.

And again with the gas. Some suggestions and ideas on what you can do to help save money for yourself and, possibly, everyone else. Don’t forget to spread the ideas!

And Todd runs corrections on the weight of the wheels from last week.

Don’t forget theMINICarParts.net contest, with your chance to win $1500 in parts and accessories!

Oh yea, some comments on iTunes or a vote at Podcast Alley would be pretty nice too 😉

Todd did the hard part

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  1. Here is a pretty cool website to compare the price of gasoline across the nation:


    Also, some comments about E85 fuel. There have been several vehicles available over the recent years which are considered “Flex Fuel Vehicles” which can run on standard gasoline or Ethanol blend (E85). My Chrysler Town and Country minivan is one of those vehicles, but after reading the manual, I found that the vehicle has to be “trained” to run E85 by slowly increasing the percentage of E85 in the tank at each fill-up until 100% is E85. This procedure must also be performed to return the vehicle to normal gasoline consumption.

    Definitely not a viable solution if you cannot get E85 fuel everywhere. Also, you can expect about a 10% decrease in fuel efficiency by using E85. The price per gallon is supposed to be cheaper for Ethanol, but I’ve heard the price is influenced by government subsidies.

  2. About those great roads in Europe, a few years ago we hit a pot hole and it blew out both tires on that side…

  3. Hey Guys…
    Thanks for the gas show. If gas prices continue to rise as they are, it will certainly bring closer my MINI purchase. Also, do you think that we might be seeing a hybrid MINI in some point in the future? or would that decrease the performance so much that MINI drivers wouldn’t go for it?


  4. Thanks for the tips on saving gas. I’d do the public transportation thing but Dallas is so spread out and the metro system isn’t very well though out. It would take me 1.5 hours and 4 transfers and a half mile hike to get to work. No wonder we all drive.

    I wouldn’t mind the hike if it were to a bus or train that took me within a small hike to the office. I wouldn’t even mind the 1.5 hours if you guys start extending your podcasts. BUT, I hate transfering – those busses are never in sync.

  5. From Wikipedia for “Ethyl”:

    … the common designation in North America for high-performance commercial gasoline containing lead in the mid 20th century. The term comes from the name of the company, Ethyl Corporation, which manufactured the antiknock organometallic agent tetraethyl lead added to the gasoline.

    So Ethyl was the premium gasoline before lead was outlawed.

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