Another big show for you guys! News from [MotoringFile]( as usual, including us really digging the upcoming 4 door limited edition [JCW Carbon Edition](, which we think is going to be a winner. Too bad only about 150 of them are coming to the states. If you are interested, you should start bugging your dealer now!

Todd gives us the low down on SEMA. You should check out the photos on the [WRR Instagram]( page. Looks like another great time was had by all. No, seriously, my entire internet last week was nothing by SEMA. It was awesome!

We talk a bit more about #[MTTS2016]( Click over to get on the email list to keep updated. Or, you know, stay tuned to White Roof Radio because you guys know we’ll get all of the information as it becomes available! Also check out the [dyno pulls]( that Pedro posted over at Interesting numbers coming out of the F56 JCW, especially if it’s _slightly_ tuned.

Finally, a tech note. Some of you might have gotten some of the older shows in your feed this week. Apologies for any inconvenience that might have caused. I was fixing something with the feed. Everything should work as expected going forward.

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One reply on “Woofcast #573: Hello, Donald”

  1. I bought a $23,000 F56. Excellent chassis. I don’t need nav and all this junk that will be outdated in two years. The base model is still a great car except the stereo – the standard setup just does not sound very good.

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