Big show this week. **BIG** show! We have tech updates, we have news from and Chad lays down the knowledge! Not only that, but we found some minor issues with the new owners lounge and reminisce about the owners lounge. Plus so much more.

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We have a really big 2016 on deck. We hope you stick around for what is still to come!

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4 replies on “Woofcast #580: Would You Like John Varvatos or Vince Camuto?”

  1. I really enjoy your discussions about what your “next car” might be (relative to MINI) and why you like/dislike certain vehicles. As we approach the end of our lease, we’re beginning to evaluate what we like about our current F31 M-Sport SportWagon and what we’d like to change/add/omit in its replacement. The new Clubman S may check all the boxes but as you say, when you attempt to replicate the desirable features in the F31….that configured Clubman S gets very expensive…so while not in 5 series land, perhaps just getting another F31 makes sense as we prefer the wagon body style for its utility and driving attributes. There’s so few true wagons in today’s U.S. market…I see only the Audi Allroad and Volvo V60 or V60 Cross Country as alternatives…and perhaps …the new Clubman S All4 that’s coming.

  2. My contributions to the “next car” discussion.

    Like db, I have a manual R56, and my stop and go, Silicon Valley commute is starting to wear on me, and my clutch. So…my next car, no matter what, is going to have an automatic transmission. I’m not thrilled about that. I also have a kid and a dog. With much excitement, I went to see the new Clubman. I really love that car, but it doesn’t buy a lot of rear leg room when you are 6’6″. My rear passengers would really suffer. And, optioned the way I would want, it would be pretty expensive. I left the dealer pretty disappointed. I really want my next car to be a MINI or BMW.

    My commute, my height, my bad back, and my budget have shortened the list to:
    BMW 320i (well-optioned)
    BMW X1
    Subaru Forester 2.0XT Touring
    Subaru Impreza 2.0i (5 door)

    The 320i would be a solid car. I would be very comfortable, but the backseat passengers would have to suffer. Other than the rear seat dimensions, I see very few downsides to this car.

    The X1 offers the utility and passenger room I really want, and wanted to have in the Clubman. If the Clubman backseat was a little roomier, it would be on this list.

    We own a Subaru Forester already, but it is the 2.5i Limited model. The interior sucks.The plastic scratches if you breathe on it too closely, and the carpet is crap. The 2.0XT model offers performance that is pretty similar to the X1. It’s a bit more affordable–but not by much. The fact that I would own two almost identical cars says a lot about my satisfaction with this car. But, for a few dollars more, I think the X1 wins.

    The Impreza is listed here only for its utility and price (kind of like db’s Malibu or Focus options). It would be a great commuter car, but the interior is crap, just like the Forester. I’m hoping they offer a more powerful version of the Impreza wagon down the line. A WRX option would be ideal. The WRX doesn’t make the cut due to its interior dimensions, which is kind of a bummer, since it would be a fun car.

    I’ve always wanted a GTI, but I am worried about reliability. The R is an option, but I am not keen to own a VW right now.

    Of the four above, I think the X1 wins…but I want the 320i to win. Maybe a used 328i?

    Or maybe I’ll chuck all reason out the door…that Buick Avista concept at the NAIAS was pretty sweet…

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