Woofcast #585: 4 bikes, 3 MINIs


Breaking our silence! There is a very good reason for that as Todd has added a Chili Red JCW F56 to his stable. And I added another bicycle. The bulk of the show is, of course, talking about Todd’s new MINI (also has the JCW Exhaust) and how much Todd is in love with it. He actually confesses that it is faster than the GP. I know, right? Drinking game rules in full effect!

We talk a little bit about the new convertible and how much Gabe is enjoying the Clubman. Oh, and the 4th bicycle, but that’s only for like a minute or two.

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6 replies on “Woofcast #585: 4 bikes, 3 MINIs”

  1. Car and Driver lists the 2016 JCW curb weight as 2850lbs and the 2006 GP curb weight as 2609lbs. 240lbs difference.

  2. BTW – I incorrectly stated the weight of the 2016 JCW. It is NOT 3,700 lb. What I was reading was clearly a typo. I will address this in next week’s show. ~Todd

  3. Thanks guys for great show. Todd sold us all on the JCW. Probably my next Mini. Hope to see you all this summer in Detroit.

  4. Could not agree more with your comment about convertible drivers…top up and 70 degrees??? Why spend those $$$ and NOT use it? Last year bought one of the last available ordered R59s last year…and drove home today from a “spring cleaning”MINI club event at the local dealer….top was down, gauge said 32 degrees and sporadic snow flakes were falling…..

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