**Alex is back!** Since illness and other things kept us from making a show last week, you might think that we had a few things to say, and you’d be right. The boys were pretty revved up tonight, and I think it makes for a pretty great show!

Don’t forget, event season is just around the corner. Registration for [MINIs on the Dragon](http://minisonthedragon.com/) and [South West MINI Fest](https://swminifest.com/) closes soon. Don’t forget about [Mini Meet West](http://minimeetwest2016.com/) happening in early June as well, in San Diego no less!

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2 replies on “Woofcast #588: Alex and the $19 Bottle of Water”

  1. I hear you about….”I’m really gonna miss the xxxxxx….” only to realize, nope…it was great when I owned it but have moved on and really enjoy my MINI. After two manual transmission Mazda MX-5 Miatas I purchased new (’99 and ’08) with their rear wheel drive orientation and limited slip…was I nuts to order one of the last ’15 R59 MINI Roadster S models???? and ….with the paddle shifting 6-speed automatic??? In essence, we’ve moved on…and perhaps we’ll come to a similar conclusion when the MINIs time for replacement comes along….and my wife and are really looking forward to our first MTTS!

  2. This was a great episode, I enjoyed the depth of conversation on MINI marketing and vehicle direction this one had.

    Thank you Tod for sharing your frustration with the direction of MINI as of late. I think it is how a lot of enthusiasts who were drawn in by the fun and sporty MINI culture feel.

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