Woofcast #59

db and Todd motor on without Gabe tonight, with Michael Babiskin filling in. So, we take advantage and question the quality of Gabe’s beer and cigars. Plus, we take ours from Robert, but give a little back. And we catch up on listener comments. You can check out the Mini Fini stuff here.

Todd did the hard part
(don’t worry, db is still practicing)

If you haven’t already, you should take a few minutes to click over to MINICarParts.net and give the contest a go. C’mon, who doesn’t want $1500 worth of MINI stuff?

And, you’d better hurry over to Detailing Concepts and get your MINI Zymol kit before they are gone!

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8 replies on “Woofcast #59”

  1. First, let me say the magnetic grill badges will also stand up to the “Spray and Pray” (that’s spray your can and pray it doesn’t mess up your paint) car wash test. I was washing the MINI this morning and decided to go for broke (don’t worry, I used one of my MotoringFile badges) and test it out. It held on like a trooper.

    Second, too bad you’re not coming through Dallas, Todd. We have a pretty huge group of enthusiasts and hope to have a great welcome for the MTTS group.

    Finally, my first car was a Chevy Chevette and it was a piece of CRAP! On prom night, my best friend and I were heading over to the car rental place to pick up our ride for the night (a sweet, bitchin’ Camero) and as we ran over some railroad tracks, parts of the engine fell out from underneath. Good times.

  2. I can second dickdavid’s comment about the spray car wash. I actually didn’t realize that I had done that until I read your comment, but mine also held strong, and the wash I went through has a particularly strong spray.

  3. Your comment about E85 in the Town and Country got me wondering what the guys at Chrysler and Chevy are doing. Aren’t all cars in Brazil capable of handing any amount of ethanol in their tanks…and have been doing so since the 70’s. There shouldn’t need to be a training period.

    Also, diesel would be great once the US gets the clean stuff. In England, nearly every car on the road is a diesel. I’d drive a MOD.

    Too bad most Americans would rather buy an SUV that gets 12 mpg than something a little more economical. I’ll stick with getting low-mid 30’s in the MCS and my parents will get a lot better than that in our Honda Insight and Toyota Prius.

    (stickin’ it to the man)

  4. Pabst Blue Ribbon??? Gaah!!! That stuff is roach piss. Coming from Chicago, why didn’t Gabe take take Old Style to the Dragon?

    And stop picking on the Flame spokes.

  5. Actually I took Goose Island exclusively. I have no idea what these guys were talking about. They obviously don’t know my beer drinking sensibilities. However if I wanted to take a beer completely for irony’s sake, it would have been Old Style.

  6. Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska, There that should hold everyone over for a few shows.
    I managed to miss the last part of this Woofcast. Excuse, I got as far as the chevette part and then had to go to work and never got back to it. Then I got an e-mail from a fellow Nebraskan asking me about this statement – Turns out there are no MINI owners in Nebraska – or something to that order. Let me clarify that I never made that statement that credit goes to DB alone. It was funny though.
    On to another subject – THE TRAILER
    Not chrome as Todd stated anodized aluminum (no polishing needed)got to love windex.
    It was built by a carpenter in CA. Here is his site http://lassenviewcustoms.teardrops.net
    It was a great place to crash after a long day on the Dragon. Pop in a DVD/listen to the ipod/play tunes for the groupies outside the Motoringfile cabin what have you. Now I just have to look into some speed rated tires for track days!!!
    Thats all for now but look for some news on the new Nebraska MINI club, C.O.R.N. Cooper Owners of Rural Nebraska. The graphics are being finalized.
    Thanks to everyone for what you do to make this weekly show so great.
    James Petersen (that teardrop guy)

  7. Gabe,
    I grew up on the stuff–at least until my folks moved us from 65th & Kedzie to N. California.

    Old Style for irony’s sake? I just figured Old Style is a better cheap beer than Pabst. Seeing as I come from a long line of cheap beer drinkers, including one iconoclastic Grandmother who’s idea of a good beer was Hamm’s.


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