7 replies on “Woofcast #590: I’d Blame Onkyo for That”

  1. The SF MINI Service center (on Mission St) just move that to that location in April 2016 They use to be located at the SF BMW Dealer/Service (Howard Str).

    SF MINI also has an express service center at the SF MINI Dealer on Van Ness. MINI”s in SF aren’t only found around SOMA. Lots of MINI’s are found in almost all neighborhoods. Castro and surround neighborhoods, the Sunset, Richmond, Mission, etc.

    In my area of SF you’ll see at least 150 MINI’s parked (mostly R56’s)

    Also, we only have 3 waste bins: Regular Trash, Blue Recycle (includes boxes) and Green – composting.

  2. You mentioned that Bluetooth phone was standard on 2009 and up minis. I have a 2011 Clubman that did not come equipped with that according to the dealership since the car is an LCI. I’m going to check though, would certainly make life easier.

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