Todd, Alex and I talking more about what is wrong with MINI these days. There is a prerequisite for this show. Go over and read the [Hipster Malarky]( about the [new MINI Seven]( first. It is truly some of the most ridiculous marketing materials we have ever read.

When you are done, take a minute to peruse the original [R50 Press Release]( Also, if you haven’t seen the Rebel Without Pause video, now is your chance.

Finally, make your F56 key fob a bit easier to manage with [this handy gizmo](

Good show tonight. Please join us!

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6 replies on “Woofcast #591: My Fob is Smaller Than Yours”

  1. I picked up 4 of the Shapeways key fob covers, 2 plastic and 2 metal, and they are great! It is much better not to have the large fob in my pocket. The plastic ones went on very easily while the metal versions are very tight and tough to put on as they do not flex. Well worth the money!

      1. db, that is interesting. I successfully put the covers on both my 2014 and 2016 with no issues (other than the metal is tough to seat due to the inflexibility). Maybe there were slight differences in production.

      2. That’s very interesting. I think maybe it was an issue with the FOB cover? Our man Jameson said over on Facebook:

        The 3rd generation of the fob cover does not work with the 2014 F56. I bought as a gift for someone and it didn’t work. Works fine for a 2015 F55 and 2016 F54 from personal experience.

        Glad it works for you!

  2. Great show, guys. As an early GenXer, I feel your pain about marketing to Millennials. I’m sure the Baby Boomers felt the same way about us. What’s sad is that I’m old enough to notice the change in our generations. I’m starting to say things that start with “back in my day…”.

    BTW, DB. I cannot wait until you launch Ride Bikes Radio!!!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Richard!

      And don’t worry, I’ll make sure you know about the new show as soon as it goes live. Appreciate your support!

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