The boys soldier on in my absence. Joined by Gabe to cover news from Not only that, but an epic Ask Chad talking about tires and wheels. A note to the affliates, we do go long this week.

It’s MTTS season! We will be trying to cover the event as best as we can, so stay tuned!

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3 replies on “Woofcast #596: The Wheel & Tire Show”

  1. Greetings

    I’ve been listening to your podcast since the very beginning. All the while lamenting that in Anchorage AK there was no Mini dealer. That all changed in 2013 and I began to plan a course toward my 1st Mini. Several things got in the way, but I finally traded in my 2002 Ford Excursion (who I promptly named Moby) for a certified used 2013 2 door Baker Street Edition in Black with the 6 speed auto, just last Saturday I would have gotten a stick, but Diabetes related foot issues mean its auto only. I am impressed with the amazing handling and the sport button just adds fun. Guys I am finally getting it what you’ve been saying all these years that this car makes me invent errands to have an excuse to go drive even a couple of miles to the corner store for stuff. I have not had that feeling since I was driving around Miami in the 80’s in My Charger. I’m now Mini Committed!!!

    Finally starting to Motor On
    Paul Spatzek
    Anchorage Alaska

    1. That’s awesome Paul! Glad to hear you have had a great experience in AK with the MINI. And that’s a great special edition. Cheers!

  2. Great episode on tires/wheels! Very informative/unbiased tire comments…it all depends on one’s use & environment. I very much agree…”right shoes for the right season”. Our R59 has summer Conti DW tires and Pirelli Sottozero 3 winter tires on separate wheels..come November, the snows go on…and off at end of March here in Iowa.

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