Woofcast #597: Alex Buys a JCW!

With Todd busy getting ready for MTTS and Chad super busy at the shop, it’s just Alex and I this week, which is awesome since Alex just bought a 2016 JCW! Besides hearing all about (and me being disappointed that it doesn’t have a white roof), we talk about some of the news from MotoringFile. I also doubt that the US is getting a diesel. Again.

If you are going on MTTS, make sure to find our man Todd. He’ll have a selection of badges, stickers and magnets for the event in case you did not get yours in time from MotoringStripes.com.

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  1. Great show, guys! Alex, your comfort access door lock issue is common. If you just pull the handle twice when getting out, I think the system does now know the doors are unlocked. So, you have to push the button twice, once to ‘unlock’ the car and a second time to lock the car. I have gotten used to pushing the unlock button on the door as I go to pull the handle. Then, when I lock from the outside, I only have to push the button once. A little weird to start, but I have gotten very used to the sequence now. Enjoy the JCW!

  2. Alex, I agree with you on the door lock issue. Drove me nuts. The only way to have it like any other car where you just press the button once outside is to code it using esys. What it will do after coding is to automatically unlock all doors when you turn off the engine. Once all of the doors are unlocked, you can exit the car, close the door and press the button once to lock all doors.

    A few other things I changed through coding:
    – Disable legal disclaimer
    – Turn off MMI when door is opened
    – Turn on Brake Force Flashing with Hard Braking
    – Enable Illumination of Exterior Door Handle LEDs when in Reverse
    – Show Tire Pressure and Temperature in iDrive

    1. Thanks Henry! I definitely want to go through that but I need to find someone who can do it for me. This thing doesn’t work on a Mac and can’t use my work PC to do it.

      1. Getting caught up on WWR and listened to your lock issue. I just hit the unlock when I am getting out of my car. Then from the outside when I push the button it locks the car. Otherwise on the outside pressing the button once will unlock all the doors and you have to wait to press it again to lock all the doors.

  3. Alex, on your drive to Santa Cruz Mts and area, I thought I heard you say that you drove Hwy 17.

    For your next trip to the area, I recommend trying the following:

    Go south (take 280 – boring but, it’s get better – lol) to Hwy 84 Woodside/La Honda Road. Hwy 84 west to Hwy 1. South on Hwy 1 to Hwy 9. Hwy 9 north/east to Hwy 35 (at Boulder Creek)

    Hwy 35 south to Bear Creak Road. Bear Creak Road north/east to Old Santa Cruz Hwy. At junction of Bear Creak Rd and Old Santa Cruz Hwy turn right onto Old Santa Cruz Hwy (going south) and drive to Aldercroft Heights Road till you get to Alma Bridge Road. Turn north (left) at junction of Aldercorft and Alma Bridge Road. Alma Bridge Road follows Lexington Reservoir (first the road winds through forest). Alma Bridge Road will take you back to Hwy 17.

    The drive has lots of nice scenery and twisty. Also there is a nice rustic American style restaurant at junction of Hwy 84 and 35 Skyline. Name of place is Alice’s.

    Congrats on your new JCW. I bought my F56 Cooper S at Mini of San Francisco. Bought my 1st MIni in 2004 (R50) from them too. One suggestion though for others thinking of buying a MINI who live in and around San Francisco, there are 4 other MINI dealers in the Bay Area.

    Get a quote from at least two of the other dealers first before going to SF MINI. I got a quote from 3 of the other 4. SF MINI did price match.

      1. Thanks for the recommendations! I’ll make sure to test these roads out.

        On MINI SF I wanted to shop around but I was very aggressive on them and they caved in really quickly. Not surprising given the states of sales. But yes, in absolute I would recommend someone shop around via email from the comfort of their sofa.

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