Woofcast #6

Thanks Todd for doing everything while I’m out of town…

-North Dakota trash talk

-Again with the price of gas

-The MINIUSA photo scavenger hunt

-Db hates logging into the OL

-Does anyone go to the OL anymore?

-Ironically Todd wins a set of bonnet stripes in St. Louis

-Painted wheel arches are like Tom Sellick with his mustache shaved off.

Todd did everything


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  1. ukpylot –

    Try downloading the file again. I’ve tested it on three different machines with no breaks in sound quality. Sounds like a connection issue with the server. Sorry about that but just try re-downloading the file and you should be fine.

  2. I get this problem at my office because the connection speed is so slow. You are listening to the file faster than your PC can download it, so it freezes playback until it can catch up.

    If you are on a PC, try right-clicking on the download link and select “Save Target As…”. This will allow you to download the entire file to your hard drive. Once the download completes, you can then double-click on the file and it will playback witout the breaks!

    I’d assume that Mac users could do something similar, but it would probably be much easier than doing it on the PC… maybe you would only have to think about downloading the file and it would happen…

  3. I did download the file to my PC so it wasn’t streaming. But I think it was because I had the cheek to try and work whilst listening – compiling Java code distresses my computer!

  4. As one of the few representives of the MINI Community in ND I can vouch for how tough it is on a MINI or any car for that matter… I have had mine for a year now and seen, started, and driven a distance in tempatures as high as 110 and as low as -55 degrees. The MINI Will start in the advertised tempature of -20… it also started just fine at -55 too… I just had a problem with my shifter cable freezing up and it felt like stirring cement (only happened at -30 or lower) Oh and all this was without a block heater.

    Great show! I look foward to every sunday

  5. I was a good halfway through before I realized the submarine beeps were coming from my podcast…I kept clicking through all my apps to see what the heck was beeping! 🙂

    It’s great to hear someone agrees with me on the black trim. Although I’ve seen it turn out well on some (looks great with DS), I just think it looses character on most MINIs. I’ve turned down offers to do it free. (And I swear at myself every time I have to scrub wax off it!)

  6. Josh- I new Mac users would appreciate or possibly do exactly what you did upon hearing the “bleeps”.

    Funny thing, I listened to the edited version a few times and even though I put those sounds in, they made me look twice at my apps too!

    Thanks for noticing the little things.

  7. Hey, thanks for the tip about the stock supercharger pulley fitting into the cup holder. I used it to fabricate a holder for my XM receiver. Quite cool and works great! I will have to post a picture on my website soon.

    Also I will post a link to you guys. Quite entertaining.

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