Woofcast #60

Gabe’s back from the Dragon! Schooling us (again?) on the world famous 3-Series 50/50 weight distribution and he is itchin’ to talk about his experience last week. Oh, sorry, come back tomorrow. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the Motoringfile Flickr Group.

We discuss the c|net review of the ’06 MCS (check the bad…too funny) and db has issues with the weave of the carpet? We also decided that a show about small cars probably would be a bad idea. We’ll stick to MINI’s. Plus listener feedback and news of the week.

And we play clips of some of the song entries. You still have time to get those in! Contest closes June 1st, with lots of cool prizes…

  • 1st – Outmotoring arm rest
  • 2nd – $50 Outmotoring Gift Certificate
  • 3rd – Valve stem covers and a hat

All prize courtesy Outmotoring.

Another Mini podcast to check out too. Starlords MINI Podcast. Mostly video, but it’s pretty cool. Worth the download for sure!

All prize courtesy Outmotoring.

Todd did the hard part

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15 replies on “Woofcast #60”

  1. Nope. You can’t count me in that group. I rarely have the reason to hold anything larger than a 12oz. can of soda or the MINI mug, but when I do, I have found that just about everything else will fit in the holder in back.

    Well, except for those gallon jug o’ pops you can get at 7-11. But really, just get a cooler gang 😉

  2. Call me crazy… but I like the cupholder. Its my cell phone holder when its not holding drinks…

  3. Robert, my iPod is in my armrest with the aux in run inside it.

    Timmee, yeah, the ashtray/cashtray is removable though. Mine’s in a drawer somewhere.

  4. Is it me, or did anyone notice that Gabes sunroof is open during the pouring rain from the posted photo?

  5. If you go fast enough… the rain doesn’t come in 🙂 Actually it was needed to keep the windshield from fogging up. Didn’t really want to turn the power sapping A/C on.

  6. My wife has the new cup holder and swears by it, I just swear at it. My MINI came with the MINIFINI, and I’m thankful for it every time I use it or pop it out when not using it.

    Now I just need to get my wife to admit I’m right…

  7. Yanked my cup holder as soon as I got home as it seemed to always be in the way. Looking at getting a floor mat one for when we want two big spots.

    Touché on not washing/waxing enough, except I did not get my Cooper till Jan. this year, and Iowa weather has not been good to get out and wash/wax a lot. “Practiced” clay baring and NXT’ing my wife’s car late last year. I understand need to support your sponsors; just keep it balanced. I bought from Outmotoring just because they sponsor you guys and MotoringFile. Great shows as always!

  8. Wow I can’t believe you guys liked my song enough to play it! (first 12 seconds of it anyway). And you even said my name right! Thanks! irieman //o0\\

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