Alex is back and WRR does it’s part to help you out with your citizenship needs. That, plus MINI stuff and news like we like to do. Full notes to follow, there have been some delays due to the relocation of WRR HQ – AZ.

Special thanks to Gary for submitting that fantastic art you are seeing! Your MINI can be featured as well, just upload it to our Facebook page or @ reply us on Instagram or Twitter. It’s not a competition gang! Send in your photo and it will get featured!

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7 replies on “Woofcast #605: Alex is back!”

  1. The brown that you were talking about was one of the available colors for the highgate special edition.

  2. Incidentally, you should “ask Chad” if he remembers doing the GP2 diffuser installation on this R59, the very first unit he ever had at DT. Yep, you heard right, a diffuser install on a Cooper. Had to centerline the exhaust system and of course, completed with some engraved JCW chrome tips. 😉

  3. Great show as always. I really dig the wheels on Gary’s red Roadster. Do you know the brand and model?

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