Let’s start this episode with some questionably helpful PSAs. Very questionable. Then, it’s a few news stories, including the Classic Mini, remastered by David Brown Automotive. This link will give you some cool time wasting to be sure. Plus we also take a look at possible LCI changes on the F56, but we are skeptical. Finally, the good reverend lays down some knowledge about MINI values and part prices, plus we pick the MINI we would buy with a limited budget.

Don’t forget the fine sponsors we have under the white roof, including our newest sponsor; HIDextra. Check them out to view the best in HID and LED headlight conversion kits and accessories for your MINI and just about every car make! Don’t forget, for the rest of April use the code of mini15 at check out to save 15% on your order. Go on over and show them why White Roof Radio has the best listeners, won’t you?

We did have some issues with Black Roof this week if you are looking for it. It’s a nerd thing problem that I couldn’t resolve. I’ll be getting something up for you guys as soon as possible!

Finally, if you are a Tumblr user, you can now find White Roof Radio there!

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2 replies on “Woofcast 620: The Chad Show”

  1. I have to argue with Chad in regard to his explanation of the bubbles in the sidewalls on Alex’s car. Chad is correct that the bubbles are a result of impact damage from hitting potholes, but the reason is not a separation of the belts, but a cut on the inner liner of the tire at the sidewall where the rim and tire compressed and cut the liner at the point of impact. The inner liner is what allowed tires manufacturers to dispense with the inner tube. Because the inner liner, which BTW is what keeps the air in your tire, is now compromised, air is leaking out to between the radial plys and the outer layer of rubber, showing up as a bubble. The only thing holding air in the tire is now that thin layer of outer rubber at the bubble….not a lot of safety here!

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