Just Todd and I tonight, talking about his tire and wheel problem and remembering White Roof Radio hosts of old. Good times! Then, how about those Lap Motor Sports guys with the 1-2-5 win at Watkins Glen! Then, it’s sales, again, and how we think they fit in with the latest JD Power Survey results. We have some interesting thoughts on this. What do you think? Comments are open!

Also, for you Patrons, there is a brand new Black Roof Radio up. Plenty of inside baseball there this week too. Want in? Just click over and kick in a buck per show (or less!) to be a part of the Club!


2 replies on “Woofcast 625: Going Old School”

  1. hi from alamogordo new mexico. 70 miles n of el paso tx

    guys my 2012 cooper(alice) has 115,000. original clutch, timing, chain.2nd battery 1 yr old. just did 2nd set front pads,and new 2nd rear pads. and brake fluid change. original rotors 2nd set spark plugs. 2nd anti freeze change. original o2 sensors both good.on 2nd set tires got 70,000 from originals. change oil and filter every 10,000 miles with castrol synthetic. no burning oil, nothing leaks.

    I put on about 110 miles up and down a mountain a day 5 days a week. will still run 125 mph. my daughter and i ran MTTS 2014. we had the best time.she had blue hair you guys had bday presents for her in memphis 7-4-14. she had blue hair then and was 14 will be 18 in 2 weeks. alwys listen. thanks so much . tim

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