Woofcast #63

We spend almost an hour asking Randy questions and can you believe he answered them?

Questions answered:

Gabe asks…
Which is better; Schroth harness or G-Lock seat belt tensioner?
Any benefit to upgrading to an aftermarket seat?
Brings up why a 15% pulley is more reliable than a 19%.

Todd asks…
What kind of numbers will he pull on the dyno?

db asks…
What will the required safety equipment for racing cost?
What beer is in the ‘fridge in the shop?

Randy, as always, answers our questions, even after spending all day driving to Chicago! And, as always, he gives us the best answers to our questions and puts up with our shenanigans! But, for a change, no dictionary was needed this time around 😉

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Thanks for waiting for the zip file and full show notes. If you want to hear even more of Randy, you can check out Woof32, Woof33 and Woof9.

Todd did the hard part

Woofcst #63:

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10 replies on “Woofcast #63”

  1. A/C delete part from Webb motorsports? I don’t see it on their site. Would it be Cooper compatible anyway? Heck, I live in Vermont… I hardly ever use my A/C anyway.

  2. It’s actually the A/C compressor out of the mule and it should work perfect.

    Yea, here in SoCal it gets a little warm. Wasn’t really looking forward to spending the summer without it.

  3. In the podcast, you mentioned the guy with a 19% who had to have his water pump replaced. There is a known issue with the rubber o-rings in early models leaking but I haven’t heard of an actual pump dying. My dealer hadn’t heard of it either when they replaced my o-rings last year under warranty ($2 parts, would have been $500+ in labor). Just one more reason to stick with a 15% pulley…or for me, to go out and get one already.

  4. db… our wires are crossed. You wanted Randy’s old A/C compressor. I was thinking about removing mine completely (to save weight).

    And damn… 40 hours of track time? That’s impressive. I’m still around something like 10 hours.

  5. Yes I want it. Here in SoCal we are rapidly approaching the time of year where temperatures average above 80 (yes, even at night). And with the Giant hole in my roof letting in as much sun as it wants, it’s a handy thing to have.

    I’ll keep the A/C, but go on a diet 😉 . I know I could stand to loose 40lbs!

    Yea, out here in SoCal we have a guy that runs a pretty tight ship. It’s nothing to get a full 8 hours of track time on a weekend. Especially if you stay until the end of the day on Sunday, when it’s pretty much open track 3 – 5 PM. Perfect time to work on that damned turn I STILL couldn’t figure out at Streets of Willow!

    And if you wanted that A/C delete from Randy, I’d give them a call and ask about availability.

  6. That Belgian White beer in Randy’s fridge was probably Hoegaarten. Blue Moon (made by Coors) is easier to find, and tasty in its own right, but Hoegaarten is worth the extra effort/cost when you can find it.

    PS: A great episode! Please keep Randy as a recurring guest! (Love my pulley, Randy!)


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