Woofcast #64

We are on fire tonight gang! I don’t think anyone is safe!

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Before we talk about MINIs, we do talk about lots of other things including the Thinking and Driving Podcast, who found us because YOUR votes at Podcast Alley, and spending some time over at the Cooperspeed forums. Oh yea, Gabe now knows the plural of y’all and throws down a couple of really good rants.

We did manage to FINALLY get to talking about MINIs and covered news of the week from Motoringfile.com

Todd did the hard part

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9 replies on “Woofcast #64”

  1. Nice idea on the trivia to start the show off!

    You guys are wicked smaht!


  2. Oh, you’re gonna get it from the the hayseeds and cheeseheads. Good thing ya stayed away from Oly & Lena jokes, ya know. I’ll refrain from commenting on regional dialects any further, m’self – can’t unnerstan ’em haf da time, anaway. 😉

    The Pulley Party must’ve been fun – always a good excuse to hang with MINI owners. Did you get your ride with Randy, Gabe?

    Nice to see some mention, any mention actually, of the CVT – few and far between they are.

    Finally caught up listening now, and must say it was a marathon, but well worth it!

    Rob in Dago

  3. Remember that GEICO commercial, “So easy that even a caveman can do it?” Next time, do a little more research.

    We figure that the rest of the country sometimes forgets we exist, until they want an Omaha Steak, or use a credit card, or call a 1-800 customer service number. We were also chuckling over our regular Thursday pizza lunch meeting (two Coopers, two S’s that day) that Nebraska is sometimes seen as this strange, idealized, rural culture that is orthogonal to the rest of the country, kind of like Kansas in the Wizard of Oz.

    I understand Omaha got a dealership, Markel in 2007, in front of other, larger metropolitan areas due to the number of Nebraskans who already own Minis.

  4. Funny stuff guys.

    Todd–My fiancee busted me for subscribing her iTunes to WRR, but she actually sort of likes the show. She also likes Top Gear on BBC,so she’s definitely a keeper.

    Oh yeah, as a native of Dowagiac, MI, she wants me to tell Gabe she pronounces “car” perfectly fine….


  5. Gabe, Gabe, Gabe….your CVT/Automatic comments seem so typical of those that think EVERYONE should only drive a manual trans car. Even though you might be doing it all in fun, it can wear thin after awhile. Why do I drive a Mini with CVT? – one word – HILLS.

    I live in San Francisco, you know the city were “you can drive halfway to the stars” and we have more hills in 3 blocks than you’ll see in all of chicago or for that fact in all of Illinois. Not just just little Chicago style speed bumps, but Mount Shasta hills. Yes your left leg may be stronger from using that clutch pedal but we in S.F have two stronger legs and won’t get winded chasing you down. .

    Good show guys, although all the people I know in the area here who own Minis, I don’t know anyone who regular visits their Mini dealer to B.S., but then I guess there isn’t much else to do in Kansas City . Just kidding guys. I couldn’t say Chicago because they do have the Cubs. Hahaha.

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