A quick note to the affliates; we do go long this week*. Todd wraps a Toyota, Gabe gets us pulled from YouTube and Chad is trying to sell out of purses. It has been a bit since we last did a show, so we had some catching up to do.

New JCW Motor, a lot of transmission talk, a lot of talk about electric and some talk about sales. And the future of the internal combustion engine. And, and, and, and. Like I mentioned, it’s been a while since we did a show, so we had some catching up to do.

This delay has been my fault. I was busy buying and moving into a house. That process has been completed and we will be back on track with 2 shows per month for you guys going forward. Along with that, please watch this space as I have some plans for things that I am going to need your help with.

Don’t forget the fine sponsors here either. OutMotoring for everything that you need for your MINI and your person that is MINI related. Craven Speed for the coolest, custom created accessories for your MINI, MotoringStripes for all of your graphics and, of course, DetroitTuned for everything else, including full service repairs and custom tuning for your MINI (and other cars too!).

*Listen to the end for bonus out-takes!

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4 replies on “Woofcast 654 – Don’t Drive Angry”

  1. Woofcast 654 Back ground noise too much to bear. snorting nose
    sounds, crackling noises; talking over each other. One would think
    you’d be able to produce a more professional product after doing it
    for so long. D- is the best grade I can assign this mess.

    1. Thank you for the feedback Rick!Really appreciate it. And you aren’t wrong, some settings on our ends need constant adjustment that doesn’t always get done. Clearly.

  2. Truths spoken in this episode:
    1) MINI is going to chase their reliability history for 10 years.
    2) The current cars are ucking fugly. The Clubman rear lights, what were you thinking? “Explore More Corners.” – except for the hardtop’s rear corners, oh and the Countryman front corners. Although this styling was brought to you by BWM, the home of the new 7-series grill – ewwww – I don’t have much hope.
    3) The first good quality Mini/MINI was the 2013. Yep, 1959-2000 were rusty econo boxes that leaked so much oil that it kept the rear subframe from rusting out.

    They don’t build them like they used to, thank Zarquon, but now BMW/MINI needs a designer.

    1. Thanks for the conformation Andrei! (and suffering through the entire episode).

      I would argue that the R50/53 from ’05 was the **first** quality MINI, but can agree on the 2013. The damage is coming from anyone that owned an ’07 – ’12 (mostly) which was the bulk of MINI sales in the US.

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