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  1. Regarding the shortcomings of electric cars when compared to gasoline versions, I think a good point to make is the fact that even with the relatively low range, it still is enough for the vast majority of everyday trips. Additionally, the fact that most will also plug in overnight means that you would have a full battery every start of the day. It is a different lifestyle but that is the mentality that needs to be considered. No different than plugging in your phone every night. Yes, there will be rare occasions where that is not enough, so that is when you will need to seek out the “gas station” to charge up away from home. But the idea is that you generally do not need to charge away from home. Home becomes your personal electric “gas station”. I also know that would not work so well for people without a parking spot with electric. These are the things that need to get worked out, along with charge points as common as corner gas stations. Agree that is not coming fast enough.

    1. Thanks for chiming in Dan!

      No different than plugging in your phone every night.

      I see it this way as well, but that is a HUGE shift from what everyone is used to.

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