Woofcast #68

  • Oklahoma Joe’s BBQ
  • Andrei’s notes from Canada – On the topic of “Y’all”, I think that your people from ‘down south’ are showing some French roots.

    Let’s see…in French ‘you’ singular is vous (voo) and ‘you’ plural is vous vous. We singular is nous ‘noo’ and we plural is nous nous. English doesn’t have a difference between singular and plural you or we…hmmm

    So they might not be ‘yer ‘cuzzins from the ‘saouth, they might be cheese eating surrender monkeys.

    Voila (vwa – la)

  • Link to POR-15 rust preventing paint
  • Oh yeah – song contest winners announced!
  • Todd did everything


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    1. Gabe, Todd, DB,

      Did you get my pictures that I emailed with the WRR grill badges? If not, let me know.


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